Thulo MOMO


Country's Most Loved Food!


We Are Serving Since 2000.

We serve one of the Best momo in Boudha that's juicy and flavorful and explodes in your mouth. Come have a taste at Bouddha. We offer THULO momo!

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Monday - Saturday | 10AM - 7PM
Saturday - Sunday | 11AM - 8AM

Our Menu

For every special occasion, there’s Thulo MOMO

Thulo MOMO

Available in Buff, Chicken & Veg

Rs. 200-300

Double Thulo MOMO

Available in Buff, Chicken & Veg

Rs. 300-350

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Chilli Items

Buff Chicken, Pork & Sausage



Buff, Chicken, Veg & Mix


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Buff, Chicken, Veg & Mix


Happy Customers!

"This is one of my favorite places. This was one of the best mouth-watering steaks I've had grace my taste buds in a long time. Make sure to save room for dessert, because that was the best part of the meal! I'm definitely coming back for more!"

- Shamika Smith

"It was much better than I expected, Everything I tried was bursting with flavor"

- Jose Hatts

"This is one of my favorite places. Everything was simply decadent. After my meal, I was knocked into a food coma. I'd give more than 5 stars if I could"

- Monica Tata

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